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things to be grateful about

Great things happened to me in March and I feel the need to list them down so someday when I don't feel too good about myself or the world, I can look back on the things that have made me happy.

1. I went to this tiny but cool cafe with my two friends and met this adorable barista. He drew a smiley only on my cup.
2. Spent lots of time in Hongdae
3. I found the noraebang which 2PM went to in Wild Bunny (it's a very important show to me)
4. Went to Coffee Prince cafe! Overpriced as hell but it was as beautiful as I imagined.
5. In Everland there's this hologram concert thing for YG artists (really just BB, 2NE1 and PSY). I went for BB's and it turned out to be very cool. We can take photos at first to morph it into one of the members' outfits. Later on they actually used the photos for this part of the concert, and Daesung picked mine (I know it's not the real person but still!)
6. Not a fan of animals but I actually saw some cool animals at the Everland zoo like white tigers.
7. Good hot chocolates and coffees in Korea
8. Good breads in Korea
9. Spent time with some of my closest uni friends in Seoul!
10. Went to JYPE! Also Cube Cafe
11. Garosu-gil is as hip as I imagined it to be.
12. Bought a pair of Adidas shoes for 15000 won.
13. SMTOWN Artium was cool ~
14. KAMONG CAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15. Ate the churros Jessica bought for Krystal in J&K sob
17. SHERLOCK WAS AMAZING WHERE DO I BEGIN? Witnessed my favourite choreo part of Jjong's as well as the ending ~
18. Witnessed the super complicated hands movements in Lucifer. Also Lucifer was a special remix it was super cool.
19. Witnessed Jjong's infamous intro in Love Like Oxygen lol
20. Witnessed Taemin's incredible high notes and the lovely twirl in Why So Serious
21. Witnessed this

22. Witnessed Minho's "i wanna go lokkalokkalokkalokkalokka" and Key's "so fantastic/elastic!"
23. Witnessed Onew's breathtaking handsomeness
24. Witnessed Key's wonderful English
25. Onew's cool introduction in Korean "I'm SHINee's leader Onew" when everyone in SNSD previously spoke English (and his members followed)
26. Taemin's "i know you guys are good at Korean right?"
27. Minho's bounciness
28. Jonghyun was just actually shining
29. Key called us beautiful ahah aha haha

30. Witnessed Taemin's stunning breathtaking lovely exquisite beautiful fluidity in his dancing
31. Witnessed Taemin's ^^;; face when he forgot about the new intro for Everybody and got scolded/laughed at by the hyungs
32. They actually made a new choreography for Everybody's intro
33. Taemin's hair caught in the wind ;____;
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