dashidashida (kirakirashahida) wrote,


you're leaving soon
i think i'll miss you a bit
every now and then
when i look up at the sky
and remember the colour of your shirt
that day

the street you used to take
seems emptier than ever now
i think i'll always look for you
in the packed cafeteria
just out of habit

morning walks
bus, train rides
you filled up too many spaces
that's quite unfair

i think i'll always remember you
as the boy who joked about where he came from
so i hope you'll remember me
as the girl who almost trusted the boy

good mornings, hellos and have a nice days
the smile you wore
i'll make sure to remember them well

perhaps i'm just another face to you
a small fragment of your memories
another name that will slip away soon
still i wish i'll cross your mind

잊지 마세요, 저를
당신의 친구
Tags: personal

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