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Report by Shida the Drama Whisperer

Reply 1994 (2013)
Likes: Can I say everything? Okay maybe not everything because there are some things that I disapprove/wish could be better, but really, it's one of the best dramas. It's very thorough and well thought of. I especially like the extra details they add to some scenes later on when you've almost forgotten about them, just to remind you that there's another side to them. The casts are so endearing that watching them throughout the years makes you feel like you're watching your kids growing up. And the bonds between them are something to die for, both the friendship and family ties. The BGMs are wonderful, and most of the times the lyrics are spot on. Often the voiceovers for every episode makes you think and reflect back about your own life. And of course, the one-sided love.
Dislikes: Of course, this drama still lacks a lot. I think I can debate about the flaws as much as I can debate about the good points. The storyline isn't exactly continuous, and although I do like it, there are several times when it's off and maddening because the climax from the previous episode isn't properly resolved. I think they were trying to do so much that they lost track of things at times. And the writers didn't give justice to Chilbong. I think I spend the whole day ranting about how unfair it was for him :(

Legal High (2012)
Likes: It's one of those quirky yet entertaining j-dramas. Aragaki Yui is brilliant as usual, while Sakai Masato excels in his role as a sarcastic, materialistic and stubborn lawyer and being funny at the same time.
Dislikes: I don't find anything that outstanding about this drama just yet. If you have watched a lot of j-dramas though, you'd find something similar in this amongst most of the rest.

Worlds Within (2008)
Likes: I watched this drama briefly before but I never got the chance to get properly invested and I somehow regret it. I think Worlds Within differs slightly from other kdramas in a very good way. It's refreshing and easy to watch. Song Hyegyo described this drama as "real story", as in the drama is told in a realistic way. And I do think that it is the most real k-drama among the many that I have watched. I love the kind of romance between Jio and Joonyoung - their relationship is not something that you'd normally find in dramas. Both of them have their own flaws and fears, and they are portrayed very intricately unlike most characters that are portrayed as impeccable (Hyun Bin never attracted me in Secret Garden despite how good he looked, really), and the way both of them struggle not to just accept each other's blemishes, but also their own, really had me thinking, "Ah, this is how lovers should be" instead of blindly falling in love with someone. And speaking of Hyun Bin, who wouldn't want Jio as a boyfriend really? He got me at "Let's just roll around like pigs."
Dislikes: Choi Daniel's character reaaally pisses me off istg.

■ Shitsuren Chocolatier (2014)
Likes: Chocolates! Kiko! Olivier Treluyer! Lol to be honest I didn't plan to watch this drama (at least yet) until I found out that Kiko's in it, and she's truly excellent (definitely not biased, nope) and steals the show for me. The best twist about this drama compared to others is that most of the characters are involved in a one-sided love with one another so they create this messy tangle.
Dislikes: Mizukawa Asami's hair lol but really it irks me because I know how pretty she can be if it wasn't for her hairstyle :\ I think this drama is too ambitious and unfortunately they couldn't keep up with everything. The ending seemed too rushed and too cliche too. And where's Shige at the end?

■ Saikou no Rikon (2012)
Likes: Eita's character here is unlike the kind of roles he usually had and I enjoy the change.
Dislikes: I have no idea how to describe how weird this drama is.

■ Cunning Single Lady (2014)
Likes: Seo Kangjun, Kim Myungsoo and Lee Yooyoung obviously. The drama was actually off to a good start with Lee Minjung's character wanting some sort of justice after finding out that her ex-husband has become successful on his own. Na Aera, at the beginning, is this fiercely independent woman who is fine living on her own. And I really like the spirit.
Dislikes: BUT! Halfway through as this drama gets more and more draggy, Lee Minjung changed to her typical drama character - sad, pitiful, always crying. May I add that she's really bad at crying? I have no idea how to put it nicely, but it just looks really stiff.

■ 37-sai de Isha ni Natta Boku (2013)
Dislikes: Everything else lol idk Japan has too much of this kind of drama.

■ Yowakutemo Katemasu (2014)
Likes: NINO PLAYING BASEBALL NINO BEING HIS GRUMPY SELF NINO AROUND KIDS NINO NINO NINO um Nino aside I think this drama is quite enjoyable. It has that same old J-drama sentiments, as in "don't give up!" "do your best!" "we'll do this together!" but somehow it doesn't come off as boring. I love how dumb and hopeless the boys are and that there's no one who's like the cool guy who doesn't want to do useless things and hang out with dumb people. Instead they are all very eccentric in their own ways. I'm not sure if it's on purpose, but I love how they connect the characters by things or people that they have a history with - like how Aoshi is finally able to come to terms with his bad memory in baseball, Akaiwa and Shirao bonding despite both of them are competing for Tarumi, and Ebato and Okadome forming a genuine friendship despite their past.
Dislikes: Maybe I'm biased but nothing yet.

■ Gap Dong (2014)
Likes: I'm not going to lie - Jiwool/Taeoh. I like their dynamic. They are so mismatched yet complement each other.
Dislikes: /scoffs

■ Starman ~ Kono Hoshi no Koi (2011)
Likes: Fukushi Sota. Maybe Sota playing with the kids
Dislikes: Probably the second hand embarrassment I get from some scenes.

■ My Love From The Star (2013)
Likes: I like how Songyi deals with her downfall. It's far from typical leading women in kdramas.
Dislikes: I'd rather not say.

■ Doctor Stranger (2014)
Likes: Jongsuk and Seyeon's chemistry and that's it.
Dislikes: I personally think this is the worst drama of the year (at least out of the ones I've seen) so that says a lot.

■ It's Okay, It's Love (2014)
Likes: This drama revolves around mental scars and issues. In a way or another, one can relate to the characters, and you just can't help but root for them. My favourite character is probably Sookwang. I never disliked Kwangsoo, but I was never a big fan of him until I saw him in this drama. He's unexpectedly charming and dependable, not just a boyfriend but as a friend. Like many others, I'm really proud of Kyungsoo for his wonderful job. His role is probably the hardest to portray, but he did it splendidly especially for someone who just began acting.
Dislikes: It's just me, but I would prefer it better if they focused on the main issues rather than the romance, though I do know that's what fueled the story.

■ Suikyuu Yankees (2014)
Likes: It's that drama about youth, friendship and never giving up, what's the not to like? Though without the comedy elements it probably would be another cliche.
Dislikes: Only decided to watch this drama just for fun so I can't complain much.

■ Plus Nine Boys (2014)
Likes: It reminds me of both Replys. The relationships are interesting - how they all vary according to their ages. Some things took me by surprise (in a good way), like Han Sooa's character. Praises for their music director or whatever the position is called because this drama has the most beautiful songs.
Dislikes: Gwangsoo has this pushy attitude and he never changed even ten years later.

■ My Lovely Girl (2014)
Likes: Sena and Siwoo, really.
Dislikes: It's one of those dramas that make you question how easily one falls head over heels for someone in a blink of an eye (I don't mean it in a good, romantic way) and simply shoves her/his trust to them. I mean, really?

■ Discovery of Romance (2014)
Likes: A breath of fresh air for Korean dramas. I've been really into breakup genre recently, and this drama is pretty much perfect for me. I like how the characters are all flawed, yet something still pulls us towards them. Yeoreum is unlike typical leading women - she's hard-headed, calculative, and mean even. She knows what she wants in a relationship. Of course, there are times where I still get frustrated at her, but at least it's not eye-rolling stuff typical leading women do. Honestly, I don't like Taeha's character much, but he had me when he cried over her father. Hajin is of course, if you saw my tweets, my favourite. Maybe it's the SLS, but he really caught me. I like that he's flawed despite his seemingly flawless front. He wants to be loved so bad that he gives too much love to the point that it overwhelms. Also, I like that his character is not static. Like normal people out there, he changed. He exploded, in a way that breaks your heart. Sol and Joonho, however, are the real scene stealers of the drama. Sol speaks for me, while Joonho is the friend everyone loathes but needs.
Dislikes: I'm just bitter about the ending, though I wouldn't ask for a different one.

■ Pride and Prejudice (2014)
Likes: Lee Taehwannnnnn The flashbacks. And I love that their chief isn't that kind of boss who nags and criticizes his underlings but doesn't even does his work properly.

■ Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu (2014)
Likes: Fukushi Sota's hairstyle lol I feel like this drama is a guilty pleasure to me? Though I honestly enjoy it.
Dislikes: Nothing yet so far.

■ Kogure Shashinkan (2013)
Likes: I expected it to be slow and boring, but it's surprisingly pleasant and easy to watch. I like how they instilled the good values without using the typical methods Japanese dramas usually do. Kamiki Ryunosuke is at his best, showcasing his fine acting skills with his expressions, tones and emotions. 4 episodes are not definitely enough to me, but I figure that's the best to keep it simple yet packed. There are some beautiful scenes that did not really need much words, and the hint of romance was done in an intricate way. Some argued, but I truly love the ending.
Dislikes: I wish they discussed more of Junko's past, at least how she met President Sudo and why he took her in.
Tags: japanese drama, korean drama

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