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2pm/miss a

dream for me (junho/suzy)
a boy with big dreams meets a girl with none

letters to juliet (junho/suzy)
he writes her letters that she won't read

daisy (junho/suzy)
a secret lover


train rides (taecyeon/tiffany)
it starts with glances

i love you too, best friend (taecyeon/tiffany)
did you bake this for me?

a pink

say goodnight, not goodbye (yookyung/naeun + rest of a pink)
don't forget about me, okay?


make a wish (gongchan/krystal)
he gets his wish at his 1000th attempt

b1a4/hello venus

birthday gift (jinyoung/ara)
she prepares him a number of presents


so hard to say it (doojoon/gayoon)
she makes up yet another excuse


i dream of you (in colours that don't exist) (g-dragon/mizuhara kiko)
love is fluorescent-coloured, he thinks.

btob/hello venus

forever is too long (minhyuk/alice)
we fit perfectly, just not meant to be


you on my mind (kangjun/jiyoung)
seoul or london, i'll be there whenever you need me


thanks for the memories (yonghwa/seohyun)
it's the last day of the contract

what could have been (jonghyun/seohyun)
he counts his regrets everyday


the war of 20-year-olds (gen) (with naladot kagamiwa kisoap)
when you're in university, there are things that are bound to happen


play, pause, rewind (younghyun/hyejeong)
when younghyun looked up, hyejeong was sitting across him, her left elbow resting on the table as she cupped her chin staring at him

a slave for the day (younghyun/hyejeong)
he finds entertainment in her losing a bet


the best kept secret (younghyun/baek ayeon)
they tell each other almost everything


three in one (changmin/yoona)
three reasons why yoona hates changmin (and one reason she loves him)


let's get sick of each other (yunho/boa)
they make a promise to stay forever

first meetings (yunho/boa)
possible ways they would encounter each other in parallel universes


the babysitters club (kai/sehun)
of all days, tonight is the worst night for jongin to be stuck with sehun

exo/a pink

voice of your heart (suho/chorong)
he hears her words loud and clear

with love (baekhyun/bomi, d.o/bomi)
people live and love, and get scarred from both.

exo/after school

let's go for a drive (luhan/nana)
he pulls up next to the love of his love

running in circles (luhan/nana)
she misses him like the stars miss the sun in the morning skies.


tongue twister (sehun/krystal)
he always gives in to her

one out of seven billion (kai/krystal)
the map to the two of us

another place, another time (kai/krystal)
isn't summer the perfect time to fall in love?

we search for eternity (kai/krystal)
jongin is still kai but soojung is no longer krystal

pavane for a dead princess (kai/krystal)
there is a house in the forest

a skyful of scars (kai/krystal)
jongin's memory stops at 18

exo/girl's day

game over (d.o/minah)
he thinks about the girl in front of him right now and the one he thought he knows

ft island/after school

happy v day (seunghyun/lizzy)
happy v what?

promise me we'll become lovers (seunghyun/lizzy)
friends don't leave drunk friends behind


secret date (yugyeom/yerin ft mark)
"You're just using me, aren't you?"

prank (yugyeom/yerin)
"coffee for my boyfriend!"


miniskirt (mark/mina)
why don't you notice me?

this could be the start (of something new) (jb/hyejeong)
"Wanna get out of here?" he asks.

오랜만이다 (jb/hyejeong)
there are people you wish to see at a reunion

we were (jb/hyejeong)
and i will always remember you

like habits (jb/hyejeong)
i'm in front of your house. wanna come out for a bit?

acacia (jb/hyejeong)
"let's go see the sea."

morning sky (jb/hyejeong)
jaebum comes back from a business trip


i want to run to you (jb/krystal)
looking at these pictures of you

got7/miss a

我喜欢你 (jr/suzy)
there are too much words we don't speak out loud

have a sweet dream (jr/suzy)
it's a perfect movie scene, that's why it's not perfect


quiet night (mark/baek ayeon)
it’s dangerous, so walk on the inner side of the pavement?


mixed up (jb/dahyun)
sometimes mothers make mistakes

catch up and get caught (jb/nayeon)
"why is a kid drinking coffee?"

infinite/a pink

eternal spring (hoya/bomi)
he wishes that it was a dream

forget me not (hoya/bomi)
she's forgetting and he's hurting

half (hoya/bomi)

there's a strange boy in the house

one spring day (hoya/bomi)
he wishes for one more day

till death do us apart (hoya/bomi)
sometimes he imagines the ways their happiness would end

treasured things (hoya/bomi)
for we have memories, even when we don't have each other

after midnight (woohyun/chorong)
they go for an escapade removing their masks

here's to you and me (woohyun/chorong)
we're apart but still in the same universe after all

late night conversations (woohyun/chorong)
people don't know about us


two specks of dust (sunggyu/baby soul)
there are two kinds of people in the world

infinite/miss a

the distant star (myungsoo/suzy)
do you believe in a parallel universe?


girlfriend (joon/hyomin)
i'll be here just in case you come back


knight in shining armour (seyong/eunyoung)
the hero that saves your day


you're my first (and certainly not the last) (s.coups/sowon)
the first time they kissed, they were barely 6


see you today, tomorrow, everyday (joshua/nayeon)
a knight in hospital pajamas

boy detective (joshua/nayeon)
nayeon lost something. mystery genre enthusiast jisoo helps to find it


don't let the shining stars you found burn you (kai-centric + taemin)
it's the darkest before the dawn


things we don't say (minho/krystal)
what are we?

remember (taemin/sulli)
i hope you won't forget about me

count to three (sulli-centric + minho/krystal, taemin/sulli, taemin/krystal, kai)
she waits for her one true knight in shining armor

like a sunflower (taemin/sulli)
he makes a hundred promises to her but keeps only one


the happiest place on earth (krystal/jessica)
every now and then, soojung and sooyeon make trips to disneyland

super junior/snsd

the wait (siwon/sooyoung)
let me tell you something about us.

someone i love more than you (donghae/tiffany)
where are you taking me?

pretty little hearts (donghae/jessica)
pretty, sweet and slightly delicate - that's jung sooyeon


begin again (aj/jiyeon +chanyeol/jiyeon)
her heart opens up again

vixx/red velvet

grease (hyuk/joy)
risking my heart for you


shortie (mino/luna)
mino likes to make fun of sunyoung's height


let's be awkward together (siwan/seungyeon)
is this how we date?


tainted hearts (doojoon/chorong, hyunsik/chorong)
please don't forget that i love you

still here (minhyuk/chorong +woohyun/chorong, minhyuk/alice)
but she lived, and so did the boy

somewhere a clock is ticking (taemin/sulli, hoya/bomi, luhan/nana, rome/ashley, hyunsik/ara)
we live in a world surrounded by strangers

bad company (taemin/kai/moonkyu/ravi/kwonho)
don't leave your groupmates unattended

with friends like these (mino/luna feat kyungsoo + chen/liyin)
mino is too blond, sunyoung is too cruel, kyungsoo is too smart and jongdae is too obsessed

(if only i could be) 1 centimeter closer to your heart (jr/suzy, jr/sulli)
what is the distance between two hearts?
group chat au

echo (jb/hyejeong, jb/jr)
"isn't this nice? your hands are cold, but mine are warm. fate has a clever way of bringing people together."

meet me halfway (jr/suzy, woohyun/chorong)
jinyoung wishes he can give up, suzy doesn't know how to give in, chorong can't seem to move on and woohyun just can't let go

lonely hearts club [masterpost] (kai/krystal, myungsoo/krystal)
you never really know the people you meet


strangers (kim won/jeon hyunjoo of the heirs)
he misses her still

empty space (kim joon of valid love)
like his palm, this love is hot and painful
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