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I watch too much TV on computer.

Mioka (2010)
Likes: Yoshitaka Yuriko
Dislikes: The plot is a bit too cliche.

Bambino! (2007)
Likes: Karina, and Mukai's character. The concept - how it revolves around a rather luxurious French restaurant and how a person grows.
Dislikes: Yona-san because kimochi warui. Also I think Jun kind of exaggerates his facial expressions a bit too much.

Flower Boy Next Door (2013)
Likes: The cinematography and some of the killer dialogues between Enrique and Dokmi. Watanabe's character because kawaii.
Dislikes: Jinrak's obsessiveness and lady boss's high pitched scream and Dohwi's cliche character.

Level 7 Civil Servant (2013) [dropped]
Likes: Chansung
Dislikes: Everyone else including Joowon's character. The camera works.

School 2013 (2012)
Likes: Everybody and everything. Perfect dialogues and perfect cast.
Dislikes: I'm not that fond of Kideok and Eunhye but I don't mind them that much.

IRIS 2 (2013)
Likes: Hyeongkon, Byungjin
Dislikes: You should have read my tweets.

That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013)
Likes: Song Hyekyo, Kim Bum. I like depressing stuff I like the delicate feeling and yet the atmosphere is still intense.
Dislikes: Jo Insung's facial expressions at times.

■ High Kick 3: Revenge of the Short-Legged (2010)
Likes: Ahncest of course, and pretty pretty Jiwon.
Dislikes: Some out of this world scenes (literally) but then it's a sitcom.

Itazura na Kiss ~ Love In Tokyo (2013)
Likes: This drama is the cutest thing ever! Despite it being another remake and the cheesiness it's actually very wonderfully done. Honoka Miki is amazing at turning Kotoko into a lovable character instead of making people cringe, while Furukawa Yuki is of course flawless as Naoki.
Dislikes: More often than not I get frustrated at Kin-chan's characterer for being such a cockblock but all is well.

Nail Shop Paris (2013) (dropped)
Likes: Alex is a cutie hee hee
Dislikes: Gyuri is too cool for her role.

Monstar (2013) (dropped)
Likes: The music ((and BTOB))
Dislikes: The Seolchan character is somehow predictable and cliche.

I Hear Your Voice (2013)
Likes: Lee Jongsuk isn't that obvious The one-sided loves which make your heart both flutter and ache at once.
Dislikes: I was slightly disappointed because I was hoping that Park Sooha would be this brooding boy but it turned out he's quite cheerful, but I have no problem with it. Min Joongook annoys me to death throughout the first 3/4 of the drama. Also I don't think the extension is necessary?

Kazoku Game (2013)
Likes: The quirkiness and how painfully real it is.
Dislikes: Probably how selfish the Numata family members are?

Good Doctor (2013)
Likes: The cinematography and graphic are really pretty! Kind Dr. Han and the children. I love the dynamic of Professor Kim and his fiancee's relationship.
Dislikes: Hospital politics sheesh

■ Rich Man Poor Woman (2012)
Likes: Shun is an ikemen here. Him and Satomi are cuties! I love the music. Also this drama deserves a better title.
Dislikes: Asahina is everything a guy I dislike in dramas, be it character and visual-wise.

■ White Christmas (2011)
Likes: (Most of) my favourite men in one drama seriously. I like the cinematography and of course the genre. I think this drama is very clever and different unlike most romance-filled dramas, and it's sad that this one doesn't get as much attention as it deserves. Probably one of the best I've seen.
Dislikes: Sometimes Jo Youngjae gets too frustrating and that's a shame (for me) because I really like Youngkwang. As much as I love and enjoyed this drama, it is way too disturbing so I don't recommend you watching it when you're home alone.

■ The Heirs (2013)
Likes: Krystal, Kim Jiwon and Kim Woobin isn't that obvious. I like the dynamic of Bona-Youngdo-Myungsoo's friendship but yeah I'm biased. Rachel reminds me a lot of Blair in the way that although on the outside they seem bitchy and even rude but they actually have a lot going on. Won's character is intriguing too.
Dislikes: Kim-love-is-the-moment-Tan and Cha-love-is-more-pain-Eunsang do I need to explain more?

■ Master's Sun (2013)
Likes: The sarcasms. Myungsooooooooo
Dislikes: The ghosts.

■ Medical Top Team (2013)
Likes: Joo Jihoon's haircut lol and Minho. One thing I like about this drama is that they stick with the original main OTP as introduced in the beginning of the show unlike in Good Doctor (although the latter is pretty obvious).
Dislikes: Everyone is so stubborn it actually annoys me. It also irks me that the ones with higher power are quick to criticize and yell when the patients' condition deteriorates but the when things go well they shamelessly praise the team. Aaand the hospital politics.

■ A Gentleman's Dignity (2012)
Likes: Jonghyun muehehe, Meari and Woobin. Meari's one-sided love towards Yoon is endearing, and what I like the most about her is that she doesn't make herself seem irritating (the way she clings onto him) or even pathetic. For me her character actually outshines the main couple.
Dislikes: I feel like the men's lifestyle is too near perfect to be true (I mean their accomplishments, their houses and all). More often than not Yisoo frustrates me idk.

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