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I decided to list down the dramas that I watch this year just to see how much I'd spend my time on my laptop. And no, I'm bad at Photoshop so I won't use any fancy pictures or graphics.


 ✿  Me Too, Flower (나도, 꽃) (2011)  [ongoing]
Thoughts so far: With a strong theme of inferiority complex, the drama's plot is engaging despite a part of it being a little cliche.
 ✿ Lucky Seven (2012) [ongoing]
Thoughts so far: I may be biased but this drama proves how good Eita is as an actor and reminds me why he is one of my favourites.

 ✿ Shut Up! Flower Boy Band (닥치고 꽃미남밴드) (2012)
Thoughts: Honestly, the main reason why I watch this is Myungsoo who plays the guitarist in the band, Lee Hyunsoo. However, the drama proves to be very different from the typical k-dramas out there. I love how each character has their own stories and issues, and that they aren't left undeveloped. The word cliche and this drama certainly do not deserve to be in one same sentence.

 ✿ Dream High 2 (2012)
Thoughts: Compared to the first season, the storyline is a bit dull for me and I actually find Kang Sora's character irritating because although there are kind people in the world, I don't think there'd be anyone that nice all the time.

 ✿ Love Shuffle (2009)
Thoughts: I love how each character has their own roles instead of the minor ones being just accessories like some dramas. How their relationships entangle with one another was really engaging, and I especially love Ojiro x Kairi. There are some parts which I didn't fancy, but all in all, it's a good drama with a message.

 ✿ Hungry! (2011)
Thoughts: Dramas on food is always a yes to me and this drama is simply amazing and easy to watch. Although the plot and the characters' personalities are so that of Japanese dramas', they are quite endearing and make you want to root for them.

 ✿ The King 2 Hearts (2012)
Thoughts: I actually like the main ideas for the drama - both South and North Korea trying to mend their relationship, and one of the two kings of South marrying a woman who's a drill instructor of North's military. Seunggi's acting is cringe worthy at times but he's improved a lot since his Brilliant Legacy days. And Ha Jiwon's accent is amazing. The side couple, however, catches my attention even more and their tale is heartbreakingly beautiful that I shed so many tears for them.

 ✿ Big (2012)
Thoughts: The drama started off brilliantly but it was such a disappointment that somehow it got lazy because it received a lot of attention and praises.

 ✿ Answer Me 1997 (2012)
Thoughts: For a drama that makes such a big fuss even before the first episode aired, it actually turned out much better than I expected. Generally, I don't really have big expectations for K-dramas since most of them end up disappointing and some storylines and scenes are repetitive. This drama however is refreshing and well planned. Though I won't say it's my favourite drama (since the Busan dialect they used is unpleasing to ears (because they're extremely loud)), it's one of the best I've seen. The characters are well developed that they seem real, as if you know them in real life. The voiceovers they do for each episode reflect the episode itself as well as the storyline, and you can relate to them.

 ✿ The Thousandth Man (2012)
Thoughts so far: Yes I started this drama solely for Woohyun (he gets only less than 10 minute cuts each episode though). Somehow I don't really have any opinion for this drama but I didn't even finish the second episode, so you can make your own assumptions.

 ✿ To The Beautiful You (2012)
Thoughts: My only thought throughout the whole drama: "lol SM"

 ✿ Ima Ai ni Yukimasu (2005)
Thoughts so far: This drama is so quiet I feel sleepy watching it hahaha. But it's pretty, really.

 ✿ Nice Guy (2012)
Thoughts: Despite the cliche makjang plot for K-dramas, this one is actually very good. I love the fact that Joongki's role is not the normal nice guy-next-door, and his character always does surprising things that somehow it scares you. Even so, my favourite character would be Park Joonha for his selfless and platonic love for Eungi because I have this thing for these characters. The ending was perfect and although I'd be fine with the one I actually expected (or maybe imagined), the one provided is just as beautiful.

 ✿ Sprout (2012)
Thoughts so far: I'm still not sure why this drama appealed to me from the first time I saw the title even though I knew nothing about the plot. Even for a J-drama which rarely upsets me, somehow Sprout is really refreshing. Despite the cringe-worthy dialogues, the cinematography is really pretty. Plus this drama introduced a whole new side of Chinen (and may I add he grew up handsomely).

 ✿ Tokyo Airport (2012)
Thoughts so far: The fact that the story is based on the job-circle of air traffic controllers is amazing enough. It's different than most stories out there - mostly about cabin attendants and pilots. It amazes me how they can make everything looks realistic and even how good the actors are, though the typical J-drama messages like "Never give up!" and "Kindness eventually tops everything" are not forgotten there. Also I personally like Sasaki Nozomi's character.
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